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Ilse combines a dynamic and engaging presentation style with a touch of refined humour. She is the right choice to steer your formal and informal presentations in the right direction.

Multilingual presenter & moderator

Ilse is fluent in 3 languages (Dutch, English, French)
+ 10 years of experience in several types of (intern.) events
Ilse presents for the Belgian Royal House
Multilingual presenter

You can book Ilse for presentations in Dutch, English and/or French. She smoothly switches from one language to another. Experienced, professional and captivating.

Experienced moderator

Ilse has built up over 10 years of experience in several types of (international) events. She also presents for the Belgian Royal House. Ilse is the presenter who can lend your event, gala, corporate party, press conference or exhibition the professional touch it deserves.

a versatile lady

Ilse can give presentations on any kind of topic; she diligently familiarizes herself with the subject at hand in advance. A charismatic demeanor and a pleasant sounding voice to listen to. She is sincere, clear and well prepared.


Take a look at some examples of Ilse at work as session chairperson, company presenter and moderator of debates in Belgium and abroad