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Leren presenteren

Ilse & Mariska will teach you everything you need to know about pulling off a successful presentation during their 'learn to present' workshop.

Do you suffer from stress when you have to make a presentation? You can’t captivate your audience? You tend to lose the thread of your story? Or worse, you simply avoid presenting altogether?
Ilse & Mariska have, thanks to their many years of experience as presenters, developed a learning course to teach you how to put across a story in a fascinating and creative manner.
Learn how to present, whether it be for a meeting or to a wider public. We will teach you how to best prepare and give you tips & tricks to get you started.
Throw your fear overboard and talk to me!

Learn how to present well

for more info: hello@talktome.be 
Presentation techniques

In this workshop you will learn how to deliver a fascinating and clear story whether it be for a small meeting or for a wider public. Our approach is personal and interactive.

Learn to overcome your fears

Do you want to address your audience in a self-confident manner? You want to overcome your fears? Follow our 'learn to present' workshop and we will teach you how to speak to an audience in an enjoyable way.

Within half a day you will learn

How to cope with your initial impressions/feelings, breathing, deal with your audience’s expectations, and manage your verbal and non-verbal communication skills. You will also be asked to deliver your own elevator pitch. After spending a half-day with us you will leave with new insights and be more self-assured; you will be ready to successfully present to a group!

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Ilse & Mariska have been professional presenters for many years. Both of them enjoy poularity in the corporate world as presenters, session chairpersons, moderators and/or interviewers.
They have mastered the art of presenting down to a tee and combine it with the necessary amount of pizzazz!  They will teach you how to present in an interactive and fun fashion.